The world’s finest and purest honey is produced form the thousand kilometers breadth of the sunwashed prairies of Turkey and NKM is proud to offer this natural resource to the world. The suitable climate of Turkey allows the production of most delicious pine tree, multiflora, orange blossom, thyme, linden, sunflower and cotton honey.

Honey is “manufactured” in one of the world’s most efficient factories, the beehive. Bees may travel as far as 30,000kms and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a kg of honey. Besides being delicious and nutritious, honey is a miracle food offering unexpected benefits.

Honey is an antimicrobial agent, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold. Honey cleans the blood, cares for the skin, helps the growth of children, cures the digestive system and the liver and is beneficial to the nervous system. Honey, if kept in good conditions, stays fresh for almost 3000 years.

Muitiflora and thyme Honey produced in high altitude plateaus are packed under NKM brand brings a delicious and nutritious food to you and sweeten up your life. ege brand pine tree honey is a very good quality honey with its flavor, aroma and color and is unique to Turkey.